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Blog Title: What are packaged units?
What are packaged units?
Category: House Window Air Conditioner Post By: TIMOTHY L (Tucson, AZ), 10/19/2016

"Packaged air conditioners are a bigger version of the window air conditioners, the main difference being they have a higher cooling capacity and they can cool a whole building or a commercial space at once. In packaged units, the conditioned air gets into the building through the ducts which remains covered within the ceiling. Generally, a packaged unit is installed outside the building either adjacent to it or on the rooftop.In a packaged unit all the components are housed in a single case and depending on their cooling system, these packaged units are classified into two types. One is the water cooled condenser and the other is the air cooled condenser. Packaged units with water cooled condenser requires a continuous supply of water to carry on with its functioning and in case of units with air cooled condensers the condenser of the refrigeration system is cooled by the atmospheric air.Some of the advantages of packaged units are space and accessibility. There are many homes which do not have adequate space especially for the outdoor unit, in such cases the packaged unit is the best solution because packaged units do not have separate outdoor and indoor units, rather all components are housed within a single case.Secondly, repair and maintenance of split systems is time consuming because both the units need to be accessed separately but in case of packaged units all components can be accessed together without consuming much time."

- HAROLD S (Wichita, KS), 10/20/2016
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