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Blog Title: What are the advantages of solar air conditioners?
What are the advantages of solar air conditioners?
Category: Heat Pump Thermostat Post By: GARY K (Kansas City, MO), 10/17/2016

"Solar air conditioners are considered energy efficient ways of cooling homes. In solar air conditioners, sun is the major source of power. Unlike conventional air conditioners solar air conditioners do not use electricity. One of the major differences between the two modes of cooling is that conventional air conditioners use the compressor to heat the refrigerant while the solar air conditioner uses the sun to directly heat the refrigerant and directly passes it on to the condenser. The result is the compressor works less.Some of the important benefits of solar air conditioners include the following:• They are cost effective as their source of power is sun and not electricity. As a result there is no unnecessary usage of electricity.• Solar air conditioners mean reduced carbon emissions because there is no burning of coal or fossil fuel to generate power.• The raw material needed for solar air conditioners is freely available.• Solar air conditioners require lesser maintenance when compared to conventional air conditioners. At the same time, solar air conditioners are not dependant on the whims and fancies of the electricity department.• Lastly, solar air conditioners can reach even to places where electricity has not yet paved its path. This is because sun is available in all the corners of the world. Thus, you can have an air conditioning system even in the remotest areas of the earth."

- MATTHEW A (Miami, FL), 10/18/2016
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