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Blog Title: What are the ways to improve indoor air quality?
What are the ways to improve indoor air quality?
Category: Evaporative Cooling Fan Post By: GERALD G (Stockton, CA), 10/19/2016

"Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air that circulates within the buildings and structures. Indoor air quality has a significant implication towards maintaining the health and comfort levels of the ones living in the house. Hence, it is very important to improve the indoor air quality of the houses. In fact, every possible step needs to be taken to make the indoor air quality better.Let us get to know some of the steps that can be taken to improve the indoor air quality. They are the following:One should quit smoking inside the house and must encourage others to do the same.Products with low-emitting qualities should be chosen over the high-emitting ones.The use of harsh and solvent-based chemicals should be discouraged.To keep the house clean is also a step in the right direction. In order to do so, all bedding accessories like pillow covers and comforters must be cleaned at regular intervals.Shoes must be kept outside so that no outdoor dust gets into the house.High efficiency vacuum cleaners must be used to remove the surface dust.At the same time, the levels of moisture within the house must be controlled and lastly, adequate attention ought to be given to the ventilation in the house so that there is free flow of air within the house."

- FRED R (Anchorage, AK), 10/20/2016
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