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Blog Title: What are the ways to improve ventilation in a house?
What are the ways to improve ventilation in a house?
Category: Home Heating And Air Post By: KIMBERLEY D (Columbus, OH), 10/18/2016

"Ventilation means intentional introduction of outside air into an internal space. Rather, to put it simply, ventilation involves striking the right balance whereby the air is allowed to flow in and out of the house without any restriction. Ventilation is important to maintain the indoor air quality. Hence, attention needs to be given to improve ventilation within a household.There are two kinds of ventilation which are equally important to improve indoor air quality of a household. They are the internal and structural ventilation. As far as the internal ventilation is concerned, exhaust fans must be installed in places like kitchen, bathroom, and laundries. This is because; these are the regions which emit the highest amount of moisture and odor. However, just having them is not enough one should keep these exhaust fans switched on when these spaces are being used. When the exhaust fans are operating the doors of these rooms should be kept closed so that the cold air cannot escape to the rest of the house and also the steamy air does not cause condensation in rest of the space. Here, it needs to be noted that having exhaust fans is not the end of job. Proper maintenance is imperative. These exhaust fans must be cleaned at least twice a year so that they can operate efficiently.When it comes to structural ventilation, the attic, the crawlspaces, and the basement of a house should be properly ventilated and the job of ventilating these spaces should be handled by a professional."

- JESSICA S (Baltimore, MD), 10/19/2016
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