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Blog Title: What is included in AC servicing?
What is included in AC servicing?
Category: Ac Furnace Post By: SHIRLEY J (Portland, OR), 10/20/2016

"AC servicing is an important aspect if you are having one at home. It has numerous benefits. The most important benefit associated with the servicing of the air conditioner is that it increases the life span of the unit and the comfort level within the house is also enhanced with a regularly serviced air conditioner. However, to get a thorough servicing of an air conditioner it is important that a reputed HVAC agency is contacted.Let us now have a look at the services included in an AC tune up. They are the following:• Cleaning of the condenser coils because it increases the operational efficiency of the unit.• The coolant level is examined because a low coolant level means more wear and tear of the air conditioning unit. At the same time, the various parts of the AC are lubricated as well so that there is not much wear and tear.• The thermostat undergoes complete calibration so that it operates perfectly fine.• The ductwork needs to be inspected for any kind of energy loss.• All the electrical connections along with the blower motor and the blower belt are checked so that there is no hindrance in the operation of the air conditioning unit.• Lastly, the filters of the air conditioning must be changed at regular intervals and the outside unit ought to be clear off any kind of bush or unwanted growth."

- JEAN P (Tulsa, OK), 10/21/2016
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