Installing Central Air

You might think that adding to central air to your home is a herculean task but in reality whether you have a duct-work or not installing, central air could be a cost-effective and easier than you can even imagine. When you are planning to add central air to an existing forced-air system the entire project will be completed within just two to three days with the help of merely two technicians. The best thing about the whole thing is that very little changes will be required in the duct work and the expenditure will also be minimum. On the other hand, a house that needs duct work the effort the time and the cost incurred will go up.

Here it must be noted that the first step of installing a central air conditioner in your home is to select the right unit. While selecting a unit, you should allow an HVAC contractor to perform the heat gain calculation that your home is subject to. This is quite an easy calculation and based on this it is quite easy to find out the size of the unit that your home will require.

The next consideration that you should make before buying a central air conditioner is the efficiency of the unit. It is indicated by the SEER rating or the seasonal energy-efficiency rating. One rule of the thumb that you need to keep in mind is that higher the SEER rating, less is the operational cost of the unit. Always keep in mind that it is always a better practice to think of the future gains than just concentrating on the transient gains.

The next step is to select the type of the unit for your home. There are two types of central air conditioner. One is the split system and the other is the packaged system. Here you might need the intervention of a professional HVAC contractor who can decide for you the kind of system that would be better for your home.

Selecting the right place for the placing the unit is also a right step towards increasing the efficiency of the unit. It is never a good idea to place a condenser completely under an enclosed unit because it exhausts warm air out of the top. In case you place the condenser in an enclosed unit the unit will become noisy and also its efficiency will decrease.

Now let us have a look at the advantages of installing central air conditioners compared to other forms of cooling. They are the following:

• It is more environment friendly as it reduces carbon footprint and is more efficient.

• It gives better comfort when compared to other systems of cooling as it provides more consistent temperature and humidity control.

• Central air conditioners offer better indoor air quality as they can keep away air borne pollutants more successfully.

Last but not the least, it needs to be mentioned here that if you want to install central air all by yourself you will be able to do it but it will take a lot of effort. Moreover, there will be a whole set of tools that you will need to accomplish the task. Thus, it is better that you get in touch with an expert HVAC technician to get a central air installed in your home.



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